Top Valley, Nottingham

  • Project: Estate Renewal Masterplan
  • Client: Nottingham City Council

Lathams was commissioned to produce a development framework for the Top Valley area. The estate is Radburn planned and is isolated and poorly integrated with surrounding communities.

Proposals were based on extensive consultation with local people. The separation of pedestrian routes from vehicular routes, houses facing ‘the wrong way’, too much poor quality open space, poor amenity provision, inadequate street lighting and parking difficulties were all identified as problems during the consultation exercise. Lathams undertook a number of workshops within different parts of the area to identify appropriate physical interventions. Detailed proposals were produced addressing some of the most overt and immediate problems. This was supported by a detailed action plan that identified the mechanism that would be required to ensure delivery took place. The local authority has taken on board many of the recommendations of the report and selective demolitions of problem blocks are now underway.

Estate Renewal Masterplan