Guidance documents

  • Project: St John's, Northampton
  • Client: Northamptonshire County Council
  • Scale: Contextual Design Guide Development Framework and a Historic Area Assessment

Lathams was commissioned by Northamptonshire to provide heritage and contextual design advice to support the development of a new central administration building for the County located in a sensitive location surrounded by heritage assets. 

A Historic Area Assessment was produced which contained both extensive (area wide) and intensive (site specific) research and analysis. The Contextual Design Guide translated the findings of the Historic Area Assessment into a briefing document for design teams. 

The St John’s Development Framework, also produced by Lathams, updated an existing masterplan for the area surrounding the site ensuring the heritage and contextual design issues were recognised as factors influencing future development capacity and format.

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St John's, Northampton St John's, Northampton St John's, Northampton St John's, Northampton
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