Peabody Trust Small Projects Panel Competition

  • Project: Morpeth Road, London

The Peabody Trust recently ran a competition for a small projects framework. The brief was to develop ideas for social housing on one of a selected number of challenging sites in London. Our entry made the most of a linear site that is home to a row of single storey garages that back onto existing terrace housing.

Both the north and south boundaries of the site are established via consistent masonry walls which the dwellings & garden spaces nestle within. A variety of dwelling sizes and configurations can be accommodated including existing & new garage provision, walled gardens and maintained access requirements. Aside from the masonry plinth, the scheme would be constructed from a sustainable pre-fabricated timber frame with insulated infill cassette panels. This will minimise on-site construction & minimise material wastage. The overall system will be clad in corrugated zinc which will act as a rainscreen and reflect the roofs of the former garages, creating a visually lighter construction above ground floor.

Morpeth Road, London