An investigation of time and rapid society

  • Project: The Reliquary of Time
  • Client: Anonymous D Compeition Entry

The Anonymous D competition entry was produced as a way of exploring a vacant site in a local city. The brief was to design a spiritual space for a contemporary world. We explored the idea of time through the idea of a sundial and how celestial bodies have an affect on our lives even though we may take them for granted. Sunlight and the passage of time are intrinsically linked and the spiritual space in Nottingham provides a place for this notion to present itself with the movement of sunlight and shadows within the Reliquary of Time.

The Reliquary is isolated from the city. The retaining infrastructures of the road and overhead tramline mean that although physically disconnected, your awareness of place is still prevalent from within. The proportions of the Reliquary structure itself is large and overwhelming, rivalling the density of its surrounding context whilst keeping a permeability. Similar to a cathedral in proportion,  the skewed & folded corten frame aims to direct and manipulate light creating a sense of time passing, like a sun dial that you can walk through. The space is conceived to be transitory, reducing the affect of the immediate frenetic city by increasing the connection with the remote sun.

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The Reliquary of Time The Reliquary of Time The Reliquary of Time The Reliquary of Time The Reliquary of Time The Reliquary of Time
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