15th February 2013

Darton College Monograph - the transition from the old school to the new school...

Lathams has designed and worked with Darton College to produced a Monograph celebrating the coming of the new Darton Adult Learning College. Adult, not because it is no longer for teaching secondary school children, but adult because it is designed to facilitate a new ethos of providing the opportunity for young students to learn in a responsible adult manner.

The replacement of the old school was long awaited but once the time had come, Lathams challenged perceptions and enabled a new paradigm of transformational learning - a never ending journey of discovery now embarked upon.Whereas before the old buildings dictated how the school could be run, now our building enables us to experiment, change and evolve.

This booklet illustrates, through the unedited words of staff and pupils, how the first generation of users have responded to their new environment.

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Darton College  Monograph