15th October 2011

Victoria Quarter shortlisted for European 'Best Place' award

A Leeds arcade which was transformed by Lathams has been shortlisted as one of the best places to be in Europe.

The Victoria Quarter is one of three places shortlisted in the ‘Great Place’ category of the Academy for Urbanism’s 2012 Urbanism Awards.

Announcing the shortlist, the judges said: "Complemented by careful design, the use of artists and a balanced mix of tenants, the Victoria Quarter’s original sense of place has been re-created. A popular venue, the Victoria Quarter now has an integral place in the character of Leeds.”

The transformation of Victoria County Arcade and the surrounding areas of Leeds has become widely regarded as one of the most successful regenerative city centre projects in the UK.

Lathams not only devised the strategy that has provided the lasting physical and commercial transformation of this part of the city, but also designed and delivered the project.

Faced with an arcade and surrounding streets which had become decidedly down-at-heel and underperforming, plans were originally draw up to simply refurbish the arcade. Lathams extended these to include adjacent streets with the intention of reviving the entire area and of creating a distinct 'quarter' and a destination.

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European 'Best Place' Award European 'Best Place' Award
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