Pleasley Hill housing development

Working with Persimmon Homes, Planning has been granted for a 151 housing development on a key Gateway site along Chesterfield Road North in Pleasley Hill, Mansfield.

The proposal provides far greater permeability between the development site and Chesterfield Road North and is based upon the creation of a number of new homezones, with houses turned through 90 degrees from the main road, to front onto homezones directly. This provides an improved outlook for residents, whilst also providing better pedestrian links to the main transport corridor.

The Pleasley Hill Regeneration Area proposal will offer family housing, good links to its surroundings and defined neighbourhoods, within the context of transformational development. It will re-address the nature of the western edge of Chesterfield Road North and introduce a mix of residential propoerties, desirable to the locality.

Planning approval granted Planning approval granted Planning approval granted
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